CAD services

For Commercial & Residential Millwork Companies

  • Microvellum engineering
    • Complete millwork projects engineered with Microvellum, proofed and ready for your in house engineers to process
    • Custom reporting
    • Library development
  • Submittal & production drawings
  • Production reporting
  • Prototype engineering
    • Custom millwork and part modeling ready for your in house programmer to apply cut paths and process
    • Parametric 3D modeling also available
  • AutoCAD specific services
    • Templates tailored to your CAD standards
    • Title blocks, fully fielded to reduce repeat data entry
    • Custom dynamic blocks optimized for maximum functionality

For Individuals, artisans, and Interior designers

  • Submittal & production shop drawings
  • Prototype engineering
  • Parametric 3D design
  • Custom furniture design and documentation
  • Woodworking plans creation
  • Consulting

CAD Software

  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • Rhinocerous
  • Microvellum
  • Woodwork for Inventor
  • Fusion 360
  • Microsoft Excel

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