These interactive 3D models are here as a visual aide if you’re building one, or maybe a similar one, and would like a visual aide to make something a little more clear. The ability to zoom in and look at certain components from a different angle can often be helpful to clarify how they relate to each other.

Click the model image below you’d like to view. Once there, you can orbit, zoom, and pan within the model window using your mouse or fingers. The arrowed cross hair will switch to full screen on desktops. The half shaded circle toggles between mesh and shaded visual styles. The last button toggles automatic rotation of the model.

Navigation Help:

Left click + drag to Orbit. Right click + drag to Pan. Roll mouse wheel in/out, or hold middle click + move forward/backward to Zoom. On mobile devices, drag one finger to Orbit, drag two fingers to Pan, and Zoom is identical to zooming a photograph.

Diner B:

Diner B contemporary Windsor chair with straight spindles & deck less seat top with a crinoline rail undercarriage.

Diner B contemporary Windsor chair with leaf slats & deck less seat top with a crinoline rail undercarriage.

Lowback Diner:

An interpretation of Bern Chandley’s Lowbow diner design with leaf slats, a deck less seat top, and a crinoline rail undercarriage.

Classic Windsors:

American Sack Back designed by Curtis Buchanan & Dave Sawyer. It was modeled from plans drawn by Jeff Lefwowitz and Caleb James