Like many, I’ve benefited greatly from the work of those at Lost Art Press, and the authors they publish. I was further impressed when I saw they were willing to freely give the PDF of The Anarchist’s Workbench to anyone interested. It might be fair to call this a sort of penance as I acquired the bulk of the information used to build my workbench six years ago from a PDF of one of Chris’s earlier books on workbenches—which I ‘found’ online.

I offer this model as a secondary guide to anyone building the bench from the new book. The model viewer below is just to check it out, click the link below if you’d like to download the file. I made it in Rhino, so the file type is .3dm. I know for sure Fusion will open this file no problem if that’s your bag. I found stuff online saying that SketchUp will open Rhino native files as well. If you have any problems opening it in your preferred program, either download a trial of Rhino6 (which lasts 3 months, and after that you can still use the software, you just can’t save anything), or you can of course email me. Perhaps I can export it in a more usable file type.

Download the source file. It’s a zipped folder containing the .3DM, .STEP, & .IGS files.


    1. Hi Brent, No man, you’re not doing anything wrong. Fusion, like Inventor and Solidworks, is a history based parametric modeling program. Rhino is not, so this model is just what’s sometimes called a “dumb” model, that is solid bodies only without any sketches, origin history, or assembly associations.

      In Rhino all the shapes to create the solids are made on the fly at point of use, and the solids don’t retain any link to the 2d shapes that made them.

      1. Jeremiah – Just now seeing your reply. Thanks nonetheless for taking the time to answer the question. Really appreciate you doing so and posting the file regardless.


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